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Peter Helck

Clay Sculpture of Alfa 2.9 used as model for painting


Peter Helck was born in 1893 and by the age of 13 was attending such events as the Vanderbilt Cup Races of 1906. There is no doubt that Peter Helck was heavily influenced by the work of Ernest Montaut. Helck, like Montaut, was able to capture on paper or canvas the feeling of pure speed, particularly with autos. Without question, Helck is the finest of all American automotive artists, and as such, his work appears in most of the great automotive collections throughout the USA. His book Great Auto Races contains a wealth of the finest depictions of historic races the world over.This artwork was acquired directly from the artist by Charles Schalebaumand subseqeuntly delivered to us. It is a mixed media work on watercolor paper that blends india ink and watercolors to produce a rushing wash of speed lines around two racers, one of whom is passing the other on the inside turn, waving goodbye as he goes.